Wednesday, November 30, 2011

there's so much to be thankful for

So for the Thanksgiving holiday, I spent some much needed time with my family in New York City. The drive was so great on the way going because there was absolutely no traffic. Well not in our lane, but I felt so poorly for the miles of people in cars and trucks that were just not moving.


I got to see tons of family that I haven't seen in at least a couple of years. When my family usually goes to NYC, we have a lot of people who we intend to see but usually we just laze around way to much and leave many loved ones unvisited. Not this time around though. I actually felt like this trip was longer than the five days because we visited every person our list, some of them even TWICE. Being productive is so rewarding.

My favorite part of the trip would have had to have been seeing my "birthday baby," Delyse, who was born on my 20th birthday just this summer. I had only met her once before and she was sleep. But this time around, I held her BIG self and fed her a bottle and she even threw up on me which I think is a sort of initiation for babies. It was so awesome.

1. i had never seen one of these before.
2. fried rice and bean curd in brown sauce. soooo good!
3. all gone (with some help!)
4. my auntie and me!
5. cooking the night before thanksgiving!
6. chocolate sorbet
7. my grandpa, uncle, sister, brother, me and another uncle
8. publishing house
9. Bodies: The Exhibition 
10. lovely ladies posing in the city
11. a ship at south street seaport
12. NATHAN'S in coney island. my grandma's ashes are scattered here.
13. pecan pie cookies post thanksgiving
14. this is how he normally takes pictures
15. baby and me. she is so beyond.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

everything feels rusted over, tell me that you're there

Who just screwed up? Oh,oh. I got this one. It's me. Yes indeed, I've messsed up and to most people it may seem like nothing but to me I get discouraged and upset at my human weakness.  because I know it disappoints God and because I know that it's keeping me away from the things I really really want for my future. So glad to know that the shadow proves the sunshine and that salvation is waiting right where I fell. Wow, two Switchfoot references in one sentence.  I'm really grateful for the people in my life that love me no matter what I do wrong. That about wraps up "Delve Into Your Emotions With Kaneesha." Until next time, love.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

let me see the world behind your eyes

My sister is right next to me as i write this post about...well her and I. This afternoon after school we decided to take some pictures of a lovely flower that she "borrowed" from the grounds just outside a facility own by the state of North Carolina. Fall is really on and kicking here and it's almost lovely. I'm not fond of walking outside in the morning with a sky masqued with darkness and temperatures in which I can see my breath. This week I started volunteering at my sister's school and that was an experience all on it's own. It's also really fun, so I will keep on keeping on until I can find employment to take up all my spare time. 

Sunday, October 9, 2011

did you write the book of love, do you have faith in God above?

So last Saturday I was driving home from church and the sky was captivating. The clouds were just begging to be photographed and I'm not really one to deny them. The clouds all seemed to be aligned in perfect rows. Nature never ceases to amaze me and strengthen my faith in something more. Here's a few of my favorites : ))

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

when you let your walls fall to the ground we're here now

It's been a crazy long road that has lead me to writing this post right now. I have had the craziest year in West Virginia. My job was pretty much all-consuming and I had very little time for family, friends and naturally, this blog. I loved my job and it really helped me grow as an individual which is what we all want from experiences,  right? 

My trip to Cape Henlopen was way beyond 24/7 duty and riding in a 16-passenger van with rowdy girls. I met an aunt from my father's side of the family who I haven't seen in 15 years. We talked and talked outside under the clouds and night stars. The mosquitoes had there way with me too! Bare with me because I don't really know what to say when I'm blogging now. 

1. Olivia feeding cut grass to one especially eager goat. 
2. Aunt Arlene and I
3. My little ones : ))
4. The most lovely sunset.
5. Faith lent me her hair bonnet and I kinda fell in love with it.

The weeks fly by. I have more posts planned which is excitement in and of itself.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Rabbit Rabbit: In's and Out's

We are already a few days into the month of October but these are my favorite posts to do!

Moving- I've recently moved back to North Carolina from West Virginia which I love. I've really missed home and the weather here is gorgeous!

Hair Sans Extensions- For the past year I've been working at a pretty high-stress level job and hair was the last thing I wanted to spend my time on. You know what that means? Hair extensions for a whole year in various shapes and forms! So glad to give my real coils a break. Styling is a little difficult right now but I know I'll get the hang of it eventually.

Keeping in touch- I've never been one to k.i.t. but it makes me happy to find out about old friends and to catch up over coffee (or tea!). I love buying cards and sending little notes via snail mail. Getting mail in a mailbox never gets outdated.

My futon- Before I moved home I had a futon shipped to my house. Versatile and well used since I do just about everything in my room anyway. Also a space saver.

Laughing- It feels like I just laugh more when I'm with the people I love. My family has a pow wow most nights of the week just to chat before dinner. Extreme laughing always ensues. : ))

Drinking tea- The reason why I might be drinking so much tea might not be an "in," but warm beverages always relax me. I've been drinking echinacea for some immune support but I also love chamomile and peppermint.

Fall is here!

Being sick- Not sure if it's the climate change or the change of seasons but being sick sucks.

Horrible cell phone reception- Having to walk outside of my house to have a decent quality phone call is just not boiling my water. What am I going to do when winter comes?!

Job hunting- This is always difficult for me because I don't want to have to sell myself or write my name, address and references on a half dozen applications. But I have been and hopefully I will be getting some calls back soon.

Rabbit Rabbit doesn't exactly apply but I hope October brings you lovely memories and more in's than out's.


Monday, May 23, 2011

its been a long time coming. thanks for your patience.

Here are some murals that I saw when I was in Brooklyn in March. They are all work of school-aged kids and I enjoyed looking at them so much. I hope they visually pleasing because I'm continually fascinated. Maybe by the time im done with the blog re-vamp, it will evoke inspiration to all y'all. Yep, my hopes can get higher. Enough of the blab. Love.